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MN Fine Arts Gallery

Mason-Nordgauer Fine Arts Gallery Joins the Arts Scene in New Harmony on July 21st

At 4pm on July 21st, the much anticipated, Mason-Nordgauer Fine Arts Gallery will open it’s doors and further expand the amazing arts / gallery scene in beautiful New Harmony, Indiana.   Located at 510 Main Street, this new commercial gallery will focus on Post-War, Contemporary and Urban fine arts.

The mission, whether it be in-gallery or on their wonderful website, is to inspire and present works / artists that you might not have discovered yet, encourage visitors to take their time and admire and absorb each piece and help connect collectors with amazing pieces and artists.

Along with collection tours throughout the afternoon, the opening celebration on July 21st will include:
* 4pm Central - Ribbon cutting and gallery / collection reveal
* 5:15pm Central - “Meet the Artist:  Jonpaul Smith” - internationally known contemporary artist presenting examples of his work and discussing his approach, technique and inspirations
* 7-10pm Central - Join us as we lower the gallery lights and turn up the House music.  Beer / Wine / Seasonal Hors d'oeuvres.  Dress is “cocktail smart”

“We are excited to become a part of the fantastic arts community in New Harmony.  I believe that our gallery space, our approach and the artists who we represent will beautifully compliment the existing deep passion for the arts here.  In every way, I consider this historic town a world-class arts community,” stated Daniel Mason, gallery owner and fine arts dealer.  “My team and I will present local / regional / international accomplished and new-to-the-scene artists and pieces... not just because their work is exciting to take in, but also because of their unique approach and philosophy.  We will focus more on the artists themselves.  Our collection of and love of Urban works - especially - will excite visitors and really set us apart.”

The Mason-Nordgauer Fine Arts Gallery will also serve up a “museum store” of interesting gifts, arts-focused travel, in-home art installation and education / internship opportunities. For more information, please contact Daniel Mason at or 502.994.1856.   Find us on social media and at (launching on 7/21/2018 as well)

If you go:
Where:  Mason-Nordgauer Fine Arts Gallery Opening Celebration, 510 Main Street, New Harmony, IN. 47631
Date:  Saturday, July 21st from 4-10pm central
Tickets:  Free to the public

The Mason-Nordgauer Fine Arts Gallery at 510 Main Street in Historic New Harmony, Indiana will open its doors in Summer 2018!

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