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Dan Mason is a Fine Arts Dealer and the owner of the Mason-Nordgauer Fine Arts Gallery. He has 20+ years of experience as an artist, collector, and curator. He has a real passion for connecting collectors to artists who are pushing the boundaries of art and philosophy and revolutionizing their craft.

The goal of our gallery is to continue to grow and connect an amazing and diverse network of collectors and artists. We want to help inspire new artists by bringing emerging artists to the forefront through our gallery, as well as, exposing new artists to more established artists that they may not have been previously exposed to.

We would like to encourage anyone and everyone to take their time and admire the works in our gallery. Please ask questions so that we can help you learn more about our artists and grow your overall art awareness. Even if you don’t take anything home with you, we appreciate anyone who wants to admire and learn about the art in our gallery. We want to be the “go-to” gallery in the region for collectors.

We want our patrons to be inspired by our experience and selection enough to feel comfortable purchasing a piece off of our walls or working with us to find another piece that is the perfect fit for their needs or taste. Our gallery focuses on what makes our artists and their work important and not just “cool.” We work hard to find emerging artists that you will be talking about and collecting for years to come. We also feature master investment piece, we reference to refer to as our “centerpieces”, which we proudly display in the gallery to purchase. These pieces come from artists who have made legendary names for themselves in the art world.

We established our gallery in New Harmony intentionally. There is an intensely local focus and appreciation for the arts here. The energy of the area is inviting and warm and the people are wonderfully friendly. Its proximity to major Midwestern cities and the inspiring history of the town made it the ideal location for us.