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Framing Services

The Mason-Nordgauer Fine Arts Gallery is now offering framing services in conjunction with Inman’s Picture Framing in Evansville, IN. Clients can now bring any work from their own collection or pieces purchased from the gallery for a consultation with our highly skilled team to pick out frames, mattes, glass, preservation options, and much more. We will also facilitate the transport of all pieces to and from the framers for our clients.

Purchasing Private Art

Mason-Nordgauer Fine Arts Gallery and its parent company Mason-Nordgauer Arts Inc. do occasionally (though very rarely) consider requests to purchase art from private parties. Pieces require proper documentation, and while we may be able to provide an estimate on your piece, we recommend contacting a certified art appraiser prior to reaching out to us.

We will consider art sales via our Contact Page. Please include the artist name, the title of the piece, and the price you wish to sell it for. Please include an image of the front and back of the piece.

Private Consignment

Mason-Nordgauer Fine Arts Gallery is willing to consider selling pieces from private collections on consignment. Sales considerations are dependent on our collection needs and available space. Private consignment clients will be required to sign our consignment contract.