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Jonathan Hittner was born in Indiana in 1971. After traveling the country and living in both Colorado and California, he returned to Indiana and began his formal art studies at the University of Southern Indiana and received his Bachelors degree in 2001, and continued at the San Francisco Art Institute where he received his MFA in 2004. His work has been exhibited nationally for over twenty years in group and solo exhibitions, and is featured in public, private and university collections in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Tokyo, Charleston, Atlanta, Savannah, Indianapolis, and Nashville.

Jonathan lives and works in Kentucky with his amazing wife and stupid dog.

Artist Statement:

In this group of work issues of place, distance and affinity are explored. While investigating the perceptual intersection of the ideal and the actual, the pieces are coaxed to exist as both object and window. Using abstract and mimetic modes of representation, the world is understood as both a series of naturally occurring and systematically planned patterns. Depictions of these patterns are used to prompt questions pertaining to phenomenology, order and archetype. It’s a world of colors and shapes, mathematics and theater swirling with delight and trepidation, certainty and emptiness. Here, knowledge is brought into question and its service is relative. The act of experiencing becomes all that is necessary. Language talks itself out of being heard and its cognition divides itself spinning into the space of possibility, combining and refuting all previous acts, to become simultaneously periphery, center, and the border that holds them together.

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