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Jonpaul Smith approaches his woven and constructed paper pieces from a variety of perspectives but common to all are the processes of disassembly and reassembly. His materials can be his original traditional and non-traditional prints, paper ephemera, and the packaging of everyday household items. No matter what material he chooses, the process begins with cutting the materials into strips of various sizes, then painstakingly overlapping or weaving them into meticulous, intricate compositions. His complex, tapestry-like constructs, make use of (and, in a sense, refine) pop culture imagery.

Smith received his M.F.A. and Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies from the University of Cincinnati, D.A.P.P. His B.A. is from Hanover College in Indiana and he also studied fine arts at the University of Wollongong in Australia. Smith frequently conducts visiting artist seminars, recently taught at Hanover College teaching printmaking and photography, and completed a residency and exhibition in Budapest-Hungary, Paducah-Kentucky and was the working artist in residency at Tiger Lily Press in Cincinnati, OH where on completion was asked to be a member on their board.

Smith has exhibited in California, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Florida, Georgia, New York, New Jersey, Missouri, Virginia, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, South Carolina, Australia, Canada, England, France, Spain, Budapest-Hungary, Kyoto-Japan, Penang-Malaysia and Sofia-Bulgaria along with multiple other venues. He has been featured in many prominent solo exhibitions, and was selected for the 2006 “New American Paintings Juried Exhibition-in-Print,” No. 65 along with their 15th anniversary issue. Collections include Cincinnati Art Museum; University of Cincinnati; Purdue University Print Archive; Avalere Health; Kyoto International Woodprint Association; Universiti Sains Malaysia print archive; Art-O-Mat; Hungarian Multicultural Center; Knowledgeworks Art Collection; Hanover College; Language Logic; U.S. State Department; M. L. Greiner, Leo Brown LLC, among others.

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