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Frank Shepard Fairey is a well-known graphic artist, muralist, printmaker, and painter. His love of skateboarding and a job at a screenprinting shop introduced Shepard to the world of Street Art. He hit the skateboard community hard by pasting homemade stickers, often featuring Andre the Giant, made at the print shop on every available surface. His interest in the graffiti art movement only increased as his love for skateboarding and punk music culture grew.

Shepard Fairey is one of the most influential street artists of our time. His work has been used in screen-prints, stencils, stickers, masking film illustrations, wheat paste, collages, sculptures, posters, paintings, and murals. Shepard most often works with the colors black, white, and red but has been branching out more in the past few years. Fairey has constantly shifted between the realms of fine art, commercial art, street art, and even political art. His most famous art includes images of Andre the Giant, the Obey trademark, the propaganda poster of Barack Obama, and so many more. 2019 marked Shepard Fairey’s 30th year in the art world. He and his team curated an exhibition with 30 years’ worth of Shepard’s most famous and recognizable pieces and toured the world with it.

Here at the Mason-Nordgauer Fine Arts Gallery, we specialize in Shepard Fairey’s work. The members of our team are all fans and followers of Shepard and we strive to stay knowledgeable on his history and his current events and releases. We offer a large selection of Shepard’s work from across his 30-year career. If we don’t have something you want, we can find you a specific piece or provide you with options to better fit your taste.

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