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Born in Cicero, Indiana, Benjamin Johnson currently lives in Cleveland, Ohio. He earned his BFA in glass from Kent State University and his MFA in glass from Ball State University. Johnson’s work is widely exhibited and held in the collections of the Indiana State Museum, the Evansville Art Museum, and

Carleton Wing, Digital and 3-D Artist, Lexington, Ky. Artist Bio: Carleton Wing's creativity has its roots in childhood illnesses that kept him bedridden for extended periods of time. His imagination became his playmate. Carleton is a self-taught collage and assemblage artist. He started creating found-image paper surreal story-telling collage in 1981. In 1999

I lived in El Paso, Texas as a young child, and spent most of my teen years in southern California before our family moved to Berea, Kentucky in 1965. I graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a degree in art in 1973. During those years, my work focused on worker’s

My work focuses on the interplay of lives and the concept of life-balance. I explore the circle as a resolved but potentially irregular shape, representing both the balance and variety we all strive for in our lives. How is wholeness achieved and what tips the circle off center? What distracts

Todd A. Matteson, Associate Professor of Art, University of Evansville Todd was born in Washington, Indiana and attended the University of Evansville for his Bachelor of Science Degree in Pre-Art Therapy (95). He was a studio assistant under Professor Les Miley from 1997-1999 while working at UE. In January of 2000,

Mary Ann Michna grew up in a southwestern Chicago suburb where she spent her youth dreaming up creative projects for herself and the neighborhood kids. A few of these creative pursuits included digging for buried treasure in a nearby vacant lot, building club houses and organizing a museum in the

Jonpaul Smith is inspired by the complex relationships of systems and patterns that control and dictate the world in which we live. Jonpaul Smith approaches his woven and constructed paper pieces from a variety of perspectives but common to all are the processes of disassembly and reassembly. His materials can be