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Nick Watson

Nick Watson is a London based artist, having studied for a BA (Hons) Visual Arts and then completing an MA Printmaking course at Camberwell College of Arts, Nick has always been interested in contemporary painting and street art. The main themes running though his work concern society, advertising, fashion and music. He comes across images from a variety of sources including, newspaper articles, magazines, TV adverts and the internet that trigger an idea.

Having collected an array of images the artist then transfers the selected image onto the canvas using hand cut stencils and spray paint, combining layers to extend the narrative and the visual impact. My aim is to produce a painting which by its associations with image and colorful backgrounds, offer a visual experience that will engage viewers. Over the years the artist has exhibited in London and across the UK and has his artworks in many Private Collections.

September 6, 2018

Elizabeth Foley

November 7, 2018

Diane Kahlo