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Six Questions with Local Pop Artist Mary Ann Michna

New Harmony, Indiana (January 2, 2019) – As the new year kicks off, the Mason-Nordgauer Fine Arts Gallery in New Harmony is launching a new series highlighting local, regional and international artists who are helping drive and define the exploding arts scene in the tri-state area. First off, the award winning, New Harmony-based Pop artist, Mary Ann Michna.

Mary Ann takes inspiration from concepts, people, places and ideals that we once held sacred as a country… that might have been forgotten or taken for granted.

What art supplies do you usually have on you, in your bag or in your car?

The tools I take with me are camera, sketch book, drawing/painting supplies and MacBook Pro. My camera is the tool I use most often on the road. My sketchbook is kept nearby for ideas and figure drawing.

What artist’s work takes your breath away?

Diane Arbus, Walker Evans, John Baeder, Matisse, Warhol, Lautrec, and Rauschenberg are some of my favorites. Photographers influenced by everyday imagery and painters who love color and pop culture.

Does art drive your travel / vacation choices?

Art does drive my travel choices. I plan trips through small towns that offer visual surprises. Remains of road trips from another time. Drive In theaters, diners, and neon motel signage fuel my creativity.

How has technology affected you as an artist?

Technology has recently been a big influence in some of my recent work. I have been combining my photographs with digital painting programs to produce a series of digital paintings. This process works well especially for an artist like myself who has always wanted to combine painting and photography concepts.

Have you ever traded a piece of art for something?

I have often traded artwork with other artists. When I was in graduate school in New York and when I worked along many professional artists at the Indianapolis Stutz Building, trading art was common.

When you create, what is the perfect environment? Music on? Coffee / wine / other? Morning / afternoon / late night?

My perfect creative environment is in my New Harmony, Indiana studio. My automobile can also be considered my studio when I’m traveling. My preferred working times are the morning through late afternoon along with a cup of coffee.

Mary Ann Michna is represented by the Mason-Nordgauer Fine Arts Gallery in New Harmony, Indiana. See her work in gallery or online at www.mnfinearts.com.

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More about the Mason-Nordgauer Fine Arts Gallery: A true urban art gallery in the middle of beautiful, historic New Harmony. The Mason-Nordgauer Fine Arts Gallery specializes in post-war, contemporary and urban fine arts… as well as an always changing “museum store”. Their collection rotates constantly and includes local / national / international artists who are pushing the boundaries of art (or have no boundaries). Don’t miss their amazing selection of investment pieces too.. Banksy, Max, Warhol and others. For more information, see them at 510 Main Street, New Harmony IN, social media or www.mnfinearts.com

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